Referral Scheme

Aqua Centre

Physical Activity Referral Scheme

Crewkerne Aqua Centre is now a member of Proactive, Proactive is a Scheme where a registered health care professional can refer people with health conditions in somerset to join our gym. The referrals have many benefits, including a safe and structured environment to exercise. Being a part of Proactive is crucial to us as it encourages people with health conditions to become more active, which will have many benefits to their health.

Am I Eligible For Referral?

An Individual Must Be

Over 18 years of age, Registered with a Somerset GP practice, Diagnosed with a medical condition, Taking medication as prescribed and mobile enough to move safely and independently

Who Can Refer Me?

Healthcare Proffesionals such as GPs, Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists

Can Include Level 4 fitness instructors such as Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructors , Cancer Pre/Rehabilitation Instructors and OTAGO/Postural Stability Instructors

How To Get Referred?

Physical Activity on Referral Form is completed by the professional, and this is then sent directly to the Crewkerne Aqua Centre.

Aqua Centre Referral Benefits

The Crewkerne Aqua Centre is a fantastic facility to be referred to if you live in somerset and are struggling with a health condition. The gym suits all abilities and needs, making it a safe environment to train in if you want to get started with your fitness journey to improve your health. The gym hosts a variety of features to support our clients, like an elevator to the gym and friendly and supportive fitness instructors. If you have further questions regarding our referral scheme, please fill out the form below or contact